Love and sex. It seems that no matter what kind of insane environment human beings find themselves in, the first thing they do is start looking for ways of connecting and hooking up. They start looking for love and sex. And here in the surreal cyber-world of Second Life, it’s no different. But here, love and sex have morphed into something new: Cybersexuality.

Love and sex are radically different in Second Life than what we’re used to in Real Life, or even in cybersex. Relationships are different, more intense; techniques are different; etiquette and protocols are different, and certainly the entire experience is different. Even the very bedrock concepts of male and female are different here and don’t always mean what they do in Real Life. Here in Second Life and in other outposts of the virtual world, we’re defining a new kind of love, a new kind of relationship, a new kind of sexuality: Cybersexuality. Humm Magazine is your guide to the world of cybersexuality; your handbook of techniques; your menu of possibilities; your chronicle of new developments; your aid in understanding.

Humm Magazine aims to be the place you turn to when you’re looking for information and entertainment on cybersexuality. We intend to provide the finest fiction and art, information and analysis, news and reviews of all you need to make the cybersexual experience as meaningful and rewarding as possible.

We’re just getting off the ground here, but we have big things planned. Watch for SL-themed fiction by award-winning erotic author Dr. Mabeuse; a review of sex beds in Second Life and a discussion of their use; interviews and news of the latest trends in cybersex, all right here.

And in this we want to recruit your help. Comment, suggestions, opinions… Post them as comments or write us direct at In-world send a notecard or IM to Humm Rumble, our SL correspondent. Share with us, use us, explore with us, as things start to Humm…

–the editors


About Aiden Swain

Editor/Publisher, Humm Magazine: Journal of Cybersexuality

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