Sex Beds: SexTec Mod 22.v9.2

SexTec   CG Design sexTec Sex bed Mod 22.v9.2 307 animations (claimed) , L$2200 (no copy version); L$2500 (no trans)

SexTec  offers beds, rugs, and other furniture featuring their SexTec  Engine, and also offers the engine itself as a stand-alone, which can be added to any bed or piece of modifiable furniture to turn that into a sex whatever. The engine comes in several versions, differing in the number of animations it contains: the Pink with 82, Silver with 78, Gold with 156 and the Black with 307. We saw ours at Connie Grebe’s CG deigns, CG Designs

Clicking on the bed gives you Menu 1, which has buttons for Menus 2 and 3 and for six submenus labeled Boy-Girl  1 through 6. The Boy-Girl menus are where all the standard hetero sex is. Each Boy-Girl submenu contains nine animations which are somewhat grouped by similarity–the four anals are in Boy-Girl 1, there are five Doggie animations in Boy-Girl 4, eight Missionary Positions in Boy-Girl 5, and six Rides (girl on top) along with three more doggies in Boy-Girl 6. The rest of the positions are kind of haphazardly scattered around the first three Boy-Girl submenus, and include some quasi-foreplay moves (Touch Her 1 &2), a spank, a couple of standing sex positions etc.  We count 6 submenus of 9 animations/submenu = 54 animations in Menu 1.

Menu 2 gives the choice of a masturbation submenu (6 animations), two girl-on-girl submenus (16 animations), and three 3-some submenus (25 animations, of which four are theesome cuddles, which you rarely see.)  That’s another 47 positions.

Menu 3 is where you’ll find the oral submenu (nine animations), and three Cuddle submenus, each with nine animations named simply, “Cuddle 1, Cuddle 2, Cuddle 3 … Cuddle 23.” A kneeling embrace, two kisses, and a sleep animation complete the 27-animation cuddle collection.

There’s also a button that leads to a submenu with nine different female vocalizations you can play at any time, and another button that opens a submenu to active some Xcite features (!Pleasure, !Chains, !Release.  Don’t ask us. We didn’t try them.) We don’t count vocalizations as animations and don’t much care for them, but some people might. We count 36 animations in Menu 3, all cuddle and oral.

Totaling them all up, we calculate 137 animations. For the L$2200 Engine, that’s L$16.06/animation, which is pretty reasonable.

Animation quality: As far as we can tell, the animations are all original to SexTec, And there are some interesting acts.  The overall quality of the animations is better than what you find in the average stock bed, but not exceptional. They do include facial expressions and do generate some erotic heat, but most of them seem to be fairly simple back-and-forths or short loops with limited movement . Some of them deliver more, but there’s too little variation between the 9 missionairies and 5 rides, and they suffer by all sharing the same basic back-and-forth rhythm. There’s no way to do it “faster” or “harder” or express the accelerating excitement and shifting moods of real-life sex, a problem common to most sex beds, we find.

Animation quantity and range: This is our main concern about this bed. 54 straight sex animations is a good amount, and the bed’s especially generous with threesomes and cuddles, but there’s no foreplay menu, no way to transition from affection to outright penetration, and little variation in the emotional tone those 54 animations express. The choice of M/F acts is pretty much confined to penetrative sex and cuddles.

This is a common and pervasive problem in a lot of sex beds, this monotony of feeling expressed in the animations, and here it’s quite pronounced.  If you just like flipping through a lot of different sex positions, then there’s plenty here to make you happy. But if you’re looking to communicate a story of increasing excitement and climax, tenderness and passion, this probably isn’t the bed for you.

We note too the dearth of cunnilingus animations. While there are at least nine for fellatio, we only found one that returns the favor.

The same trend applies among the 27 cuddle animations. The positions are fairly unique, but they’re all of the same rather “friendly” emotional tone and not very expressive of deep love or passion and the kind of intense intimacy lovers crave after the act. He puts her head in his lap, she rubs his back, they sit with their arms around each other… Where’s that “I can’t let you go” passion after sex? The expression of that need to be close and touching all over and sharing the emotion of the moment?

Ease of Use: We had no problem setting the bed up and running it, and you can get to any position in 3 clicks, which is very nice. But telling the positions apart and locating them will take some practice, especially in the Cuddle menus, where they’re not even named, just given numbers.

Adjusting positions uses the usual “beam-of-light” procedure, which is fast and simple, and the bed turns on and off quickly when you want to cut down on script use.

Overall Impression: At L$16 an animation and L$2200 for the bed, this is a pretty good deal and a great way to add some variation to an existing bed. It could also make a very nice starter bed, but we think we’d miss the emotional range provided by a better set of animations.

We slipped our SexTec Platinum Black engine into an existing scripted bed we had that was short on cuddle animations, and arranged things so clicking on the upper half of the mattress brings up the bed’s original menu, and clicking on the bottom half brings up the Sex Tec menu. The avatars have to switch balls to go from one to the other, but overall it works fairly well and adds a lot of capacity to the other bed.


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