Sex Beds: Nuts and Bolts Tortuga Bed

Nuts and Bolts Tortuga Bed “103 menu options – 200 positions”  L$ 3800 (Search: Nuts and Bolts)

This one’s a little gem, just the kind of thing we were looking for when we started our series of reviews: a little bed made by a specialty manufacturer with original animations and a lot of attitude. The manufacturer is Nuts and Bolts and the attitude is one of flat-out, take-no-prisoners fucking, almost savage in its intensity. That attitude may not be what everyone wants in a sex bed, but for couples who find most animations too slow and sedate to express what they feel, the Tortuga Bed is a very welcome antidote. With this bed, if she asks for harder, you’ll be able to deliver. In fact, you might be able to take her breath away.

Nuts and Bolts specializes in BDSM animations and rough sex, and the sex in here gets pretty enthusiastic, but it’s not BDSM. There is a wonderful submenu of spanking animations–one of the best we’ve ever seen–but there’s no tying and no whips or ropes.  What it does feature is two avatars who love to fuck: a woman who’s mostly passive but more than willing, and a man who just can’t seem to get enough. It’s such a welcome relief from the usual sex-bed attitude of polite and seeming self-absorbed pleasuring.

The animations are remarkable in that they’re not high-quality, state-of-the-art mo-cap–in fact, some of them are quite crude– and yet they manage to convey more emotion and wild eroticism than most animations we’ve seen, largely due to their context and their place in the hierarchy of actions.  The key is in the approach the artists at Nuts and Bolts took to the idea of a sex bed. Rather than give us a smorgasbord of as many different and unrelated animations as they could, the designers focused on a handful of fairly standard love-making positions and provided each with a submenu that allows you to control the speed and passion of the action. Thus you can go from the relative tenderness of initial contact to the hard and bone-jarring excitement of impending orgasm all without leaving a given position. This gives the operator a powerful means of communicating emotion through action, which, to our mind, is what a sex bed is all about.

Controllable multi-speed animations have always appealed to us, and several companies offer poseballs that provide this option (Happy Dispatches, VAW, and Nihil come to mind, and of course, Nuts and Bolts themselves, which we suppose is why they took this approach to their bed), but we don’t find it often in beds. These animations aren’t true multi-speeds in that each one is a separate animation, not one animation run at different speeds, but the effect is the same:  control of your avi. The fact that they’re all different also allows each to have different detail and expression, so it’s not just a matter of increasing the oscillatory speed of the avatars. There’s subtlety here, and meaning.

Because the approach this bed takes is so unique, we’ll abandon our usual method of analyzing Animation range, Quality, and Ease of Use in order to focus on the experience of using the bed.

Menu Organization

The Main menu features the following buttons: Cuddles, Together, Girl-Boy, Girl-Girl, Group, Oral, Nuts and Bolts, and the admin buttons Stop and Options.

Cuddles comprises 9 animations, at least 4 of which are the close, full body contact we like for after-care. Girl-Girl gives you 3 animations, Oral contains 9.

Together is non-sexual and includes 9 animations of things like sleeping, eating popcorn/watching a movie, chatting, plus–inexplicably–floating in zero gravity, playing air guitar, and exercising.

The Nuts and Bolts submenu contains 5 animations, 4 of which continue the non-sexual cavorting-in-bed theme of the Together menu, including jumping on the mattress and swinging and balancing–and one button that leads to sub-submenu  containing 3 N&B Sex animations, which are just bizarre and feature the couple hanging from the bed frame and fucking like orangutans.

Sex beds have contained non-sexual animations for a while now, and why not?  You do more on a bed than just screw. But lately we’ve been seeing animations we just don’t understand–swatting at bugs, stomping on worms,  folk-dancing–or like here: playing air guitar or trying to fuck while hanging from the bed’s crossbar; jumping up and down on the mattress or balancing on one foot on the foot board.

Is there some fetish here we don’t understand? Some weird kind of courtship behavior? Is screwing while hanging from a bar a turn-on for some people? If not, why are these animations here? Is this what you want to spend your money on?

Animations are difficult to create and make up most of a bed’s cost, and presumably it’s no easier to make an animation of people playing air guitar than it is to make one of them engaged in some romantic pursuit. Wouldn’t the effort be better spent less on frolicking and horse-play and more on romantic and affectionate animations? What are we missing here?

Under Group you’ll find sub-submenus for MMF (6 animations. Actually 3 animations with 3 position swaps), MMFF (6 animations, or 3 with 3 swaps), and FFM (3 animations).

The payoff is in Girl-Boy. Here you’ll find some innovative approaches to animation selection and organization. The choices are: misc, get laid, edge, standing, spankme, doggie and cumshots.

Get laid gives you 3 animations of the same girl-on-back/man-standing-on-floorsex position, each increasing in speed and hardness. It starts out fairly fast already, and evolves into some really frenzied fucking. Edge does pretty much the same but uses 4 animations, and here the woman’s prone on the bed and the man standing, with the delightful difference that in the first couple of animations she’s working herself off against him, and in the last two he’s pretty much taken over and is slamming into her. Standing takes the same approach, but with the couple standing, her leaning against one of the foot posts.

Spankme is an ingenious  little tale of male lust and desire, and starts with the woman leaning on the mattress and the man standing behind her, hand ready. There are 4 various strengths of spank to deliver, and by clicking on one and then the other, you can exactly control the rate of the spanking–slow and controlled, or wild and passionate.

But the genius of Spankme is that it also includes 5 sex animations in which the man takes the woman from behind with various levels of hardness and roughness as she lies across the bed. The result is, you can spank away, and then suddenly grab her and enter her, fuck her as hard as you want, and then jump back out for more spanking, allowing you to tell a little tale of unbridled lust and the mixing of pain and pleasure, punishment and reward, that’s quite compelling and involving. A final button puts the woman on her knees while the man masturbates in her face.  Okay–not for everyone, but for those of us who like our sex hot and wild, this is hard to beat (no pun intended) and wonderfully satisfying.

In a similar way, misc tells a sexual story that starts with a slow and tender missionary, then evolves into some hard & rough face-to-face before the man flips her over and starts giving it to her from behind with bone-jarring thrusts, hot, hungry, and possessive. There are a couple more animations here we won’t even attempt to describe, except to mention that Payback, a woman-on-top animation, shows that the women who use this bed can be every bit as rough and frenzied as the men.

The Doggie menu contains 5 animations of just that one position–woman on hands and knees, man on knees behind her– of differing degrees of speed, intensity, and roughness, and includes some of the hardest and fastest all-out banging to be found in all of SL–almost breathtaking.

And when you’re ready, you go up a level and click on cumshots, where you’ll have the choice of cumming in her in doggie style, or of pulling out and doing it on her tits or face.  A stunning climax to some wild and frenzied love-making.


This isn’t a perfect bed. We’re especially not happy with the cavorting animations and wish that space had been given over to more affection and eroticism.  But as an instrument of emotional expression, as a piece of interactive art that allows the operator to communicate what he or she’s feeling, this bed is very nice

As we said, the hardness and intensity of the sex here may not be what everyone’s looking for, but the control this bed gives the operator and the level of involvement that control produces are things all bed-makers might learn from.

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Editor/Publisher, Humm Magazine: Journal of Cybersexuality

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