Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed

Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed

Forget the modest and unassuming name of this sex bed. Forget that it’s made by an obscure, off-the-map manufacturer. In our opinion, the  Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed  is far and away the best sex bed we’ve yet run across in Second Life, and at L$4000, is one terrific deal.

In terms of sheer number of animations, range and creativity of activities, overall animation quality, and value for the money, the Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed is in a class by itself. If you look at a sex bed as an instruments for achieving erotic effect, then the Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed is a veritable symphony orchestra at your fingertips. After over a year of heavy and regular use, we’re still discovering features and animations that surprise us, and still enjoying it just as much as when we first bought it.

What makes this bed so great? First of all, it’s got a huge number of animations. So many, in fact, that we’re not even going to try to count them all as we usually do in these reviews. There’s just too many  to cover in a reasonable amount of time; menus within menus within menus of stuff. We’ll give you an overview and let you take it from there. We’ll just say there are lots and lots of animations.

Secondly, these are not cheesy, throw-away animations of the common back-and-forth variety. For the most part, these are first-quality, state-of-the-art  animations from studios like Sylva and Raymaker, animations that sell individually for L$160 – L$300. To those in the know, Sylva and Raymaker are recognized as two of the finest animators in all of Second Life. Their work is smooth, subtle, sophisticated, and erotic, and complete with facial animations.

As for range of activity, the Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed has it all and then some. Regular lovemaking is covered from initial romantic dance and first kiss up through foreplay, sex, and final cuddles and sleep. The Main Menu also provides access to submenus for Solo, MF, FF, MM, Group, Fetish, Massage, Fun, and (non-animated) Textures. But that simple list gives no hint of the richness and depth that lies within.

You expect a lot of sex in MF and you get it (see below), but choose FF, say , an activity that usually isn’t that well-represented in most beds, and you don’t just get a typical menu of 6-8 lesbian animations, but a subsubmenu with buttons for  FFCuddles (9 animations), Dance (4), FF69 (4), FFOral (11), Spank (4), FFsex (5), and Ladyfingers (6 animations). Granted, some of these animations (notably Dance and Spank) are duplicates  of actions accessible through other menus, but most are original for FF. The repertoire for MM is just as rich.

Let’s concentrate on MF: Click on that and you bring up a subMenu with choices for Cuddles, Dance, Foreplay, Oral, MF Sex, Breakfast, Spank, and MF Sequences. This last MF Sequences Button gives access to 9 long-duration linked animation scenes, each of them beautifully realized. Dance, Foreplay, and Breakfast lead to single submenus with multiple animations, but under Cuddles you’ll find 50 animations in 5 submenus arranged according to position, Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Lying, and Sleepy for 2, more cuddles than anyone could reasonably use in the course of a relationship. Clicking on MF Sex, gives access to 7 submenus containing 48 beautiful sex animations, again arranged by position:  Horizontal, Kneel Sex, Sit Sex, FromBehind, F on Top, StandSex and Hand.  Included in the Kneel Sex submenu is one animation that’s multi-speed, controlled by user. This unusual feature shows up in several other menus too.

Mere lists of menus can’t really describe the delights and surprises this bed affords, though. I have a top-line “BDSM bed” by another manufacturer. It has 12 BDSM animations, mostly of the back-and-forth kind.

But choose BDSM from the Fetish menu on the Economy Lo-Prim Sex Bed, and you get 3 subMenus, Bound, Dom, and Domme. Dom and Domme contain 9 and 7 animations respectively, but Bound takes you to a subsubmenu comprising eight more 3rd level menus in which your sub is tied, stretched, spanked, whipped, fucked, violated, and loved in a chair, on a table, against a wall, or on a post : ChairBoundSolo (2 animations), ChairBoundSex (5 animations), PostBoundSolo (3), PostBoundSex (9), SoloWallBound (14), WallBoundSex (3), SoloTableBound (2), and TableBoundSex (6).

Altogether, and not counting the buttons for obtaining a free set of Bright Cuffs, a whip, paddle, and vibrator, that’s 60 BDSM animations! And the chair, wall, post, and table that rez as props with these animations are impressive in their own right, creating an instant dungeon space in your bedroom. And all this from a bed comprising 3 prims!

We should also mention the other choices available under Fetish on the main menu. The choices are BDSM, Medical, Foot, Vampire, Spank, and Tickle, not your everyday fetishes. The Vampire menu especially is quite rich and multi-level.

We could go on, but really, a word to the wise should be sufficient. This is a fantastic bed, and can take the place of thousands of L$’s of specializ equipment.

We should mention that the bed runs on the robust and easy-to-use Xpose V.8 engine, is 100% Xcite compatible, and comes in three models: a low-prim king size, a canopied Steampunk, and as part of a bedroom set.

This is one bed you really should check out. We don’t hand out ratings or stars here at Humm, but if we did…

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Editor/Publisher, Humm Magazine: Journal of Cybersexuality

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