Welcome to Humm – the Journal of Sex and Love in Second Life

Why Sex and Love?

Because that’s what almost all of us come to SL for. We might start out as curious visitors, or gamers, or for a business meeting or other professional work. But then somehow we seem to get distracted. So many attractive avatars! So much romance and beauty! Such freedom and license to explore the most hidden parts of our psyches! In this land of possibility and imagination, it would be a crime not to taste some of its charms.

And to our way of thinking, almost everything humans do is for sex and love. If you want friendship, that’s a form of love. The drive for status is largely a sexual urge. If you’re involved in fashion, you’re involved in sex and romance. Even religion can be seen as a search for divine love and acceptance. Not sexual, but it is odd how BDSM takes so much of its ritual and imagery from religion. And of course, the use of alts, of gender-switching, body-modification, the clans of vampires and lycans, the furries, the trans-specied– Beneath their playful exteriors, they’re sexually driven. They have sexual implications.

HUMM is the magazine that deals with these subjects that concern us so much in the virtual world.  At HUMM we take these things seriously and think they deserve serious discussion. We recognize that our avatars and our world are just pixels and bits of electronic information, but we also realize that on the other side of those thousands of screens are real people with real emotions learning to reach out and connect other through this strange new world of Second Life. It’s not the  same as Real Life, but it’s real in its own way, a new way. At HUMM Magazine, we want to explore how this new way works, its possibilities and potential. We want to understand what happens when we log in and transfer our energy to these little puppets on the screen. Our aim is to give people and their avatars the insight and ability to understand what’s happening to them so they can make the most of their experience here. Whether it has to do with love, sex, or relationships, we want to cover it.

HUMM is NOT just another Second Life cheesecake mag, a collection of bikini spreads and fashion articles and interviews with people you have no interest in. We have no plans to run horoscopes or advice columns for the lovelorn or other filler. Neither are we a scholarly sociological journal no one in their right mind would trudge through. We keep the tone light and entertaining and focus on the nuts and bolts of human interactions, from the most extreme forms of sex to the most sublime aspects of love. We want to know what it is, what it means, how it works, why it happens, where you find it, how it goes wrong. We provide practical, down-to-earth analysis and how-to information, reviews of Second Life products and venues, trends and fads relevant to the adult SL lifesyle. We’re starting small, but our goal is to become the complete and essential Handbook, Guide, and User’s Manual to the adult side of Second Life.

And all this without the limitations and hassle of the usual SL magazine format. Nothing to open or flip through or lose in inventory. No need to sign up for anything or lay out any L$’s. No waiting for low-content pages to rez and resolve just to look at the same thing you can see out your SL window before trashing the thing  or losing the one article you wanted to keep.  HUMM is a website, a blagazine — part magazine, part blog — with all content instantly accessible at any time, any place, and absolutely free at hummmagazine.wordpress.com/

Right now you can read our regular series of true stories of strange and bizarre SL relationships in TALES FROM THE FRONT. There’s an ongoing effort of reviews of the most popular sex beds to help you find the one that’s right for you in our SEX BED REVIEWS. We also review other adult products and services, from AOs and sims to penises and vaginas. There are examinations of SL love and relationships and why they work and why they go bad.  There’s a sizzling and entertaining piece of SL-themed erotica in ILLANA: A SECOND LIFE LOVE STORY.  And a funny but truly informative piece of satire called,  HOW TO BE A TERRIBLE SL LOVER. And that’s just a start.

HUMM is constantly updating, and always looking for reader input, from comments to entire articles. We’re currently looking to increase staff — writers, web-designers, content creators, graphic designers…. If you’re interested, send an IM or NC to Aiden Swain in Second Life.

Meanwhile, down to business…


About Aiden Swain

Editor/Publisher, Humm Magazine: Journal of Cybersexuality

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