Juicy Animation’s Silken Ties

We’re always glad to see a new animator come on line, and so we’re pleased to welcome Etani Sciari’s Juicy line of sexual animations with the introduction of her Juicy Love Scene #1 – Silken Ties – A scripted rug that features a nice little vignette of bound sex.

It’s hard to give an exact count of the number of animations in this suite because they’re reused and combined in various creative ways, but at L$700 you definitely get your money’s worth. The vignette’s narrative involves initial cuddles, detailed tying in a spread-eagled position, and subsequent sex, oral and vaginal. Either male or female may be tied, and cuffs are provided. Ropes appear to hold the victim down.

The single animations in Silken Ties are combined into long sequences, which is probably the best way to enjoy this set. The sequence may be paused or reversed, and the individual animations accessed through the menus.

This method of providing sequences as the default animation mode seems to be getting more and more popular, and we kind of like it. Instead of having to select single animations with button clicks, you start a long sequence composed of the individual animations which can be paused, forwarded, or replayed at will. This method provides a more natural love-making experience, and makes things easier on the operator.

The animations in Silken Ties are original and very good, and the experience of bound sex is nicely captured. The engine is fully portable and can be used anywhere rezzing is allowed, and all in all this is a very nice set at a very nice price.

The specifications:

PRODUCT NAME: Juicy Love Scene #1 – Silken Ties


RELEASE DATE: 17th December 2013

COMPANY: Juicy Sex Animations
ANIMATOR: Etana Sciarri

TARGET AUDIENCE: Couples – Loving (mainstream) couples / D/s (Fem Dom / Male Dom) / Gor / B&D / Gay / Lesbian

MAIN STORE URL: http://slurl.com/secondlife//169/214/27/

FEATURES: 1 x Rug – modifiable, color changing
1 x Invisi-prim – lay this prim over anything to use the scene anywhere
2 pre-set scenes – Fem on top or Male on top
Customize your own scene – two sets of notecards – modifiable and original
Use animations separately
All original animations by Juicy – intimate, loving, full of personality
Custom silk tie cuffs

The focus of Juicy’s Silken Ties Love Scene is INTIMACY. Imagine, if you will, a loving couple making love by the fireside – one surrendered to the loving ministrations of their partner! Silken Ties is a celebration of love and trust between two people.



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