A Whisper of Silk

The Main Lounge

The Main Lounge

For people looking for something more intimate than just a dance but less sleazy than a visit to an open-sex site, the private-membership adult club seems to provide the best answer. And judging from the success of places like The Chamber Society, Club Echangiste, and M+Y (soon to go private), this kind of sim is rapidly becoming very popular among erotically active adults. The private membership club uses a one-time fee, usually between L$300-L$1000, to screen out the tourists and casual visitors, and thus provides a relaxed and fairly sophisticated atmosphere for meeting, flirting, and generally taking things as far as you’d like them to go. Private-membership clubs seem to provide the most efficacious and satisfying environments for pursuing the adult experience in Second Life.

The latest and most ambitious entry into this category is Whisper of Silk, a private club run by Cruisecontrol Resident and Deb Aristocarnas, and slated to open June 7/8th. Covering 3 parcels, A Whisper of Silk is a big and luxurious build comprising an elaborate mansion and attendant grounds and gardens that together contain just about every amenity an adult-themed club could possibly have. The décor and lighting are distinctly Victorian, subdued and sumptuous, and the despite its size, the club provides a nice mix of public, private, and semi-private spaces, lavishly equipped with scripted furniture and with little surprises around every corner.

The Entrance

The Entrance

The main room has both a generous dancing area and a smaller sitting area centered around a large fireplace, the latter equipped with scripted furniture. French doors lead to the lush gardens for outdoor lovers, while hallways lead to convenient private rooms as well as a well-equipped office open to the public for play.

In one corner of the main room next to the grand staircase, teleporters provide access to the themed rooms, large ones for groups, smaller ones for privacy. On the other side of the staircase, a hallways takes you back to a game room set up for gambling, where the wagers can involve more than just money.

The staircase itself leads to more private rooms upstairs, as well as a large group space for voicing: a nice touch, keeping active conversations from interfering with the music in the dancing area.


The Reading Room

The group rooms are large and well-equipped with animations suitable for the rooms’ themes. So far the themes are limited to BDSM and a striking Venetian room, but more — gay and lesbian, group and orgy — are planned, and the management is eager to provide whatever its members might want.

Membership is restricted to human adults—no vampires, furries, or non-humans. There’s a dress code, but it’s vague enough to allow for plenty of personal expression. Anything from “high casual” to formal being acceptable, which should keep out the walking-erection and bare-chested crowd.

The cost of membership will eventually be L$750, but for now, memberships are available for only L$500.

The success of any private club ultimately depends on the people it attracts, but with a substantial list of early joiners,  Whisper of Silk seems poised for considerable success. It’s definitely worth checking out.

You can read more about it here.


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