La Signora della Pazienza – Dutchie Furniture’s Extraordinary New Slave Cage

Our usual reviews of scripted furniture generally focus on the features and number of animations, the organization and usability of the product, and with good reason: most erotically scripted furniture is pretty much just a collection of animations roughly organized in some way and stuffed into a bed or chair or desk or whatever. How you use it, and how you find the right animations to express your feelings is pretty much left to you.

But this review of Dutchie’s new La Signora Della Pazienza slave cage is not going to be like that, because in this cage, Dutchie’s come up with something extraordinary, and something that—in our opinion—comes close to being a genuine work of erotic art. Not just a piece of furniture loaded with animations, La Signora puts the users into a complete sexual fantasy of capture, display, enforced sluthood, and finally, consummation. If a film or a book can be considered art because it immerses you in an experience, then this is a piece of animated erotic art.

Signora Ria w Orion_001Full disclosure: Readers may have noticed that we seem to be giving Dutchie’s an unusual amount of attention over the past few months, and perhaps (and understandably) suspect us of having some sort of special financial interest in her products. While I for one am certainly not averse to outright bribery, it’s unfortunately not the case here. We’re interested in Dutchie’s products because of the unique and imaginative approach she takes toward her creations, which happen to be very close to what our own wicked little hearts desire.

Froukje Hoorenbeek—the creative force behind Dutchie’s—doesn’t just take a bunch of animations and toss them into a piece of furniture. Rather, she starts out with a specific sexual fantasy or situation she finds especially erotic and compelling, and then works from there, working out ways to express the essential eroticism of the fantasy in ways that allow the user to experience it as well. As Froukje freely admits, she’s not so much a furniture maker as she is a story-teller. And the result of this approach is that Dutchie’s products—especially her more recent products—are complete sexual fantasies explored through wonderful animations, animations specific enough to keep the fantasy on track, but flexible enough to let everyone to experience it in their own way.

La Signora Della Pazienza (‘The Lady of Patience’) was designed by Maxwell Graf of Rustica, one of SL’s top designers, and patterned after an actual antique piece of furniture. He’s copied the design to create a very handsome free-standing vertical cage in the style of the Italian renaissance, equipped with claw feet, tufted velvet floor and sturdy decorative bars with strategically placed openings.

But the cage isn’t intended to serve as a jail or prison. That’s not the fantasy Froukje wanted to explore. Rather, La SignoraSignora Ria naked mastrbt1_001 della Pazienza is quite obviously a display case where a captive can be observed and admired, shown off, and ultimately, sexually enjoyed.

The fantasy is The Lady In A Cage. The story is her transformation as she goes from innocent and unwilling captive to lewd, sexual plaything in gradual well-organized steps. The story is about her initial resistance, her eventual submission, and her inner struggle with her own arousal as she’s progressively stripped of her privacy, her autonomy, and finally her dignity, each step lavishly expressed in animation.

Four things are especially notable about La Signora, and as far as we know, make it unlike any other slave cage or display stand in all of Second Life:

  • First are the options that let the captive be controlled solely by the cage’s owner, or the owning group, or by the public.  The public option lets multiple (and we mean a lot) of observers control the cage, either singly or simultaneously. This makes it ideal for displaying the captive either for auction or for public humiliation. Those who control the cage can make the captive cower, show herself, submit, dance and display herself, and even use her sexually (one at a time only, but see below).
  • Secondly, the captive has the option of controlling the cage herself. This means that La Signora della Pazienza can be used by someone outside the cage to explore the fantasy of controlling a captured woman or slave, or it can be used by the woman inside the cage to explore the fantasy of being captured and controlled by others. Or, both.
  • Third is that all the sex, and there’s a lot of it, happens with her still in the cage and the man outside, i.e. through the cage’s bars and openings. This might not seem like that big a deal, but the sight of her being used while still encaged puts the sex in a whole new light and really drives home her helplessness and submission.
  • Fourth is a special bukkake animation in which as many as 8 men can ejaculate on her at once as she kneels in the cage, putting the final exclamation point on her degrading experience. Outside of its sexual potency, the scripting that allows for this is pretty amazing. The effect is pretty amazing too, even for those who’ve never much cared for this particular practice.

The Details

Signora Ria naked mastrbt knees_001All right, we said we weren’t going to get into counting animations and all that stuff in this review, but inasmuch as La Signora Della Pazienza tells a story, the animation Categories (buttons on the main menu) serve as chapters, and a brief description should give a good idea of how this fantasy unfolds.

The animation system doesn’t use poseballs. The captive right clicks on the cage and chooses “Sit”, and she’s immediately given a choice of who can control  her: the Owner, the Group, or the Public. Those given control then click on the cage to access the Main Menu.

The Categories on the Main Menu can be divided into two groups: non-sexual and sexual. The non-sexual categories are these:

  • Caged— The slave frets, cries, begs, pouts and is finally resigned to her imprisonment
  • Dominated— The slave starts to submit. She obeys commands to kneel, pose, and let herself be observed
  • Admired— Now she begins to enjoy being the center of attention, She starts off shyly, but begins to show off, dance seductively, and do what the observers want
  • Displayed— Forced to show herself off as a sexual object and plaything, she does as she’s told. The animations do a wonderful job of showing her simultaneous excitement and alarm over her own arousal
  • Exposed— Excited beyond endurance, she openly masturbates and caresses herself in a series of lovely animations

To have sex with the slave, an observer clicks on the cage and chooses Sit. That brings up the sexual menu, which contains the following Categories ( all sex is done through the bars):

  • Number 1— Sex, mostly foreplay, kissing, fondling, some doggy…
  • Number 2— More sex, mostly fellatio (a nice animation where she smears the cum on herself)
  • Number 3— More sex: cunnilingus, fucking, climax and ejaculation…
  • Bukkake— 3 bukkake animations where as many as eight men can ejaculate on her at one time. Extraordinary, even for those of us not usually interested in such things

Each Category contains 10 animations, except for Bukkake, which has 3. That’s a total of 83 for our mathematically challenged readers.

Signora Ria BJ_001In addition to all this, we have to say something about the menu organization and usability. It is, in a word, excellent. Not only is the scripting robust, responsive, and (as far as we can tell) flawless, but the menu organization is wonderfully clear, simple, and self-explanatory. The Category and Animation buttons in the non-sexual part are simple, descriptive names, making it easy to find a given animation. Giving the sexual Categories numbers instead of names might be argued with, but since they basically represent foreplay, fellatio, and coitus/cunnilingus, they’re not very difficult to learn. And as Froukje explains it, she intended for Sex No. 1 to arouse and excite the captive; No. 2 to increase her arousal by letting her orally service a man in a number of ways, and for No. 3 to finally consummate all that excitement.

La Signora della Pazienza sells for L$3998 and is available at Dutchie’s Furniture, and on Marketplace.

Summing Up

What excites us so much about Dutchie’s La Signora della Pazianza is its focus on a specific sexual fantasy. Organization in erotically scripted furniture has usually been rather haphazard—a little this, a little that, some BDSM, some gay/lesbian, some 3some/4some—a hodgepodge of different animations from which the user’s supposed to pick and choose to create an erotic experience. Though specific pieces (like a bondage cross or captive’s chair) may have a unifying theme, Dutchie specifically designs her products to convey the mood and eroticism of a certain fantasy. This might not be what everyone wants, but for those who like a deeper, more immersive, and more affecting sexual experience, her approach is hard to beat.Signora Ria w Orion2_001

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