The Companion’s Guild


There’s no end of people who are more than willing to teach you how to make love in Second Life, as almost any female avatar can tell you. If you’re curious about BDSM or bisexuality, or escorting or age play, or any other alternative lifestyle beyond vanilla, you can always find someone on some appropriate sim who’ll be glad to show you how it’s done. According to them, of course.

But what if you’re interested in more than just being used and exploited by some self-appointed expert? What if you really want to learn how to make the Second Life romantic/sexual experience more meaningful and rewarding, more interesting, intense, subtle, complex and satisfying?  What if you want to learn things in Second Life that you can transfer to real life? Or what if you just want to explore the erotic potential of SL as opposed to the merely sexual, and do it while being treated with respect in a warm and supportive atmosphere, without being used simply as someone’s temporary and disposable fuck-dummy? Where do you go then?

For that you might consider The Companion’s Guild, a free SL group where members are serious about the theory and practice of Second Life love, sex, and romance, and where they’re respectful and considerate of their members; a civilized and sophisticated place that welcomes all genders and orientations and combinations thereof. The Companion’s Guild offers no-pressure guidance and instruction in everything from the basics of avatar beauty and style all the way up to advanced erotic techniques and exotic relationships and their problems.

The Guild is unique, dedicated to furthering the romantic and erotic arts in Second Life, and doing so without pressure, drama, or agenda. It’s the closest thing you’ll find here to a University of Love, open to all serious students of whatever sex and gender, and it’s all free, with no fees or commitment.  You decide what you want to learn, and you decide how far you want to go. In essence, the Guild is like a huge in-world love and sex Wiki, a finishing school that offers classes and individual instruction, discussions, exercises, and opportunities for experimentation.

The Companion’s Guild took its rationale from the old Firefly TV series, where Companions were an elite mixture of courtesan, Geisha, and confidant, trained in the complete spectrum of social and erotic arts so as to be highly desirable not only as sexual partners, but also as life partners. What sets a Companion apart from a mere escort is their depth and knowledge, and mastery of all aspects of interpersonal relationships, not just the sexual. Companions learn the arts of conversation and flirtation, personal beauty and charm, how to listen and keep secrets, and how to make themselves indispensable to their suitors. They learn how to be ideal companions in every sense of the word.


The Sexual vs the Erotic

We’ve always thought that Second Life is vastly underutilized as a resource for Real Life personal change. The freedom and anonymity of SL provides us with a perfect environment in which to experiment with behaviors and attitudes we could never try in RL. And the experiences we have here really can affect our real lives. If used properly, SL makes a perfect lab and test track for real-life personal change.

Nowhere is this truer than in interpersonal relationships. SL is where the shy can experiment with being  bold, the uncertain can learn confidence, and the awkward develop grace and polish. When it comes to amorous and intimate behavior, though, SL romance and sex are too often shallow, superficial, and purely physical, and about as educational as bad cartoon porn. They teach us nothing.

The problem is, most of us use SL just for sex, when what we really need is experience in the erotic. The erotic is not the same as the sexual. The sexual has to do with sex. The erotic has to do with feeling, tension, desire, attraction, connection. Its roots are sexual but it doesn’t have to lead to sex. Eroticism is subtle but powerful, hinting at seduction, surrender, pleasure, involvement. It’s mental and emotional, and its potential is there whenever two (or more) genders meet.

Of course, sex is easy in SL. You just jump on a ball and that’s it. It takes zero ability and zero involvement, and that’s about what we get out of it: zero.

Eroticism, the art of love and attraction, isn’t so easy. But it’s ultimately what gives depth and meaning to sex and makes it emotionally rewarding. It’s what makes relationships intriguing and compelling. And for most of us, eroticism has to be learned.

This is where The Guild excels. The instructors are connoisseurs of the erotic, not just the sexual, especially as eroticism applies to Second Life with all its strange possibilities and permutations. They know how to instill everything they do with erotic energy, such that the most trivial act—walking, talking, dancing, flirting—takes on a special magic and allure

For this reason alone, the Guild is worth looking into. No other place in Second Life will teach you the secrets of eroticism, but the Guild will. Learn to cast that erotic spell, and then watch how admirers flock to you. And see how your Real Life changes. Because what you learn there could be surprisingly applicable to Real Life.


Classes and Instruction

The Guild’s classes are small and informal and provide a lot of private one-on-one discussion and instruction. Dedicated to ferreting out the erotic dimension in all facets of Second Life, students are encouraged to explore their own specialized interests, but the Guild also concentrates on certain well-recognized areas.

Core classes include: conversation and flirting; personal beauty and style; role-playing; fetishes; sexual techniques and communication; relationship dynamics; polyamory.


Life In the Guild

The Guild offers more than just instruction. The membership also serves as a laboratory, providing subjects for exercises and experiments. No one is coerced into serving, but most trainees find participation to be educational as well as just fun.

Guild members are also in demand for social events outside the Guild for which payment may be arranged, although unsolicited gifts are more common. Again, no one is forced to accept any offer.

The Guild is not a prison and members are free to come and go as they please.



Membership is open to any sex or gender or combination thereof. The only requirement is that one have a sincere desire to deepen and expand their Second Life romantic and erotic experience.

To join the Companions, send an IM to the Companion Elder Brother, Beeflin Grut, or to any of the Companion Priestesses, Citlalmina Serrano, Hilary Quierren, or Sangreal Arnica, and they’ll contact you.


About Aiden Swain

Editor/Publisher, Humm Magazine: Journal of Cybersexuality

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