Wicked Dreams of Fallen Angels: Too Good to be True?



Wicked Dreams of Fallen Angels is an unusual but evocative name for a sim that arranges trysts between male dominants and agreeable submissives known as Fallen Angels, but it suits the place’s friendly style and super-relaxed ambiance. The sim is huge and largely undeveloped, with more than enough room for an enormous dark and moody maze-like castle, filled with dungeons and private rooms set aside for the Masters’ visits with the Angels, and available free of charge. The Angels themselves occupy an entirely different part of the huge estate, a kind of enormous underground space with large public areas for mingling and socializing, dancing and flirting, and spontaneous group play.

Snapshot_003 - Copy

Dance floors by the Angel Gallery


The focus of this underground space is the Angel’s Gallery, walls and walls of portraits, profile pics (and some real-life images) of about 70-80 of the Fallen Angels, women and girls of all types, shapes, and descriptions, all sexually active female submissives who’ve put themselves on call to serve the needs of the male clients who request them, who may pick and choose from this catalog of talent, bearing in mind that the availability of any given Angel at any given time is not always guaranteed, although club staff will usually find a way to match up a clients with an acceptable Angel.

A good solid double-take is entirely appropriate here.

70-80- girls “…put(ting) themselves on call to serve the needs of the male clients who request them…?”

Yes, the Angel Gallery is a giant open catalog of potential submissive Second Life sex partners. The pictures and portraits are hung in four rows, floor to ceiling, stretched along two hallways (including some actual RL photo’s of the actual RL woman, but posted anonymously) which clients may browse at leisure, looking them over, reading their profiles, comparing likes and limits and imagining possibilities, even sending them IM’s to check on current availability, or possibly set up a future meeting. It’s a very pleasant place to browse.

And the cost of using this service? The cost of a membership in Wicked Dreams of Fallen Angels, the dues, fees, ups & extras?

Zilch, I believe they said. Is that what they said? Zilch as in zero? Zilch as in zip? Nada? Nothing? As in free??


My own first thoughts were: Well this is just too good to be true. These pictures have to be dummies. They’re saying I can just look through this gallery and say, “Bring me this one and this one and this one…” And they’ll do it? This has got to be some kind of scam…

So a quick reality check was urgently needed, and happily, was quickly provided by the nearly omnipresent and likewise practically omniscient Kara Morrisey, who’s apparently used to this kind of incredulous and disbelieving reaction from visitors. Kara, who’s not exactly a walking bad-dream herself, and is a refreshing reminder that sexual submission has nothing to do with being weak, or having a poor self-image, or lack of ability, serves as manager, coordinator, Mistress of Ceremonies, scheduler, and all-around Goddess to the Fallen Angels. She also, when all is said and done, is the motivating force and guiding spirit behind WD/FA. She commands great trust and respect, from both Angels and guests.

Kara quickly straightened me out. Yes, she said. All the pictures are of Fallen Angels, real Snapshot_005avatars of women who volunteer to serve the sexual fantasies and desires of their clients.

“Some of the images are tame,” Kara said. “And some are quite explicit. We don’t tell our guests who the images belong to for two reasons. First, we protect the Angel from being hounded for more and more RL photos. Second, it’s more fun that way!”

Of course, not all angels are available at all times, or not readily available at least, and there are a few who’ve inevitably retired or just drifted away. But that’s not surprising, . Second Life bring in general a volatile, high-turnover place. Even so, Kara estimates there’s about one or two dozen truly active and available Angels at any given time, and she’ll be glad to  help you find them and bring them to meet you. And if she can’t find the one you requested, she’ll suggest another Angel she feels would fit your needs. And Kara is nothing if not dedicated. She knows all her Angels and protects their interests and privacy like a mother hawk. No one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do, or serve a guest they don’t want to serve. Rowdy guests, the crude and the lewd and those who violate the club’s sense of quiet decorum are quickly “disinvited.”

Kara’s caring attitude towards her Angels is one of the major reasons girls sign on and stay. “For subs in Second Life who aren’t in long-term relationships,” an Angel told me, “Finding a decent Dominant  for short-term play can be really hard.  But at the club, that’s all taken care of for you. Kara’s already checked the guys out and she’s always got our backs. I think of the club as kind of a dating service for us subs as much as it is for outside Doms. Girls like some variety too, you know.”

Kara takes her job as a match-maker quite seriously too, and she’s as dedicated to her guest’s interest as she is to her Angel’s, as we can readily verify. Her persistence in finding us an Angel even extended to IMing us later in the day when a particular Angel we’d expressed interest in suddenly became available. That was performance above and beyond the call of duty in our book.

“So,” I asked, still suspiciously looking for a fly in what seemed like this too-perfect ointment. “Then you’re really just an escort service?”

No! Kara was vehement. Of course money’s involved, but only in the form of donations, as a gentile way of showing appreciation. All donations are voluntary and there aren’t any rules or even guidelines, but when you come to appreciate what the club offers and become part of the family, it only makes sense to donate frequently and generously. These voluntary contributions are the only income this vast sim with all its features generates. As we said, and as I kept repeating to myself in a kind of daze, there are no entry fees, no membership charges, no dues, no charge for use of rooms and equipment.

The whole place, in fact, runs on donations and only on donations. Donations are the Angels’ (and Kara’s. And the sim owners’) only compensation for all they do. Now, any user of an escort’s services knows very well that a hefty tip is expected along with the escort’s basic service fee, so the club’s donations-only policy essentially makes an Angel’s services and the use of the sim’s amenities free.

This was all pretty shocking to me, and  I decided on a little sit-down in order to digest this information. Kara was understanding, but had already slipped almost automatically into hostess mode and was more interested in finding me an Angel suitable to my desires than in talking about finances. And the Angels that showed up to chat and flirt with me were certainly worth every penny of the L$200-300 donation I made to their cause. Kara didn’t disagree.

Wait, wait, I said, looking for last-minute catches, gimmicks and scams as an Angel led me away on a tour of the Gallery and grounds, the vast sculpture garden and outdoor areas, the castle with its private rooms, chambers, and dungeons, its photo studio and maze-like halls. There must be something, my mind insisted, some downside: requests for credit card “verification”?  Financial traps, snares, hooks? Fiendish hidden blackmail cameras, burly thugs lurking behind the drapes with stout clubs in their gnarled hands…?

I didn’t find any downsides. I still haven’t.


I found Wicked Dreams of Fallen Angels during a random SL Search for interesting-looking sims. The name got me, of course. Literary or poetic names always do. Upon arrival, I overlooked the obviously-places transporter pad that takes most visitors directly down to the Angel Gallery, though, and skipped the castle, and just wandered around on the surface for a while, scoping it out, not certain what this place was.

When I finally found my way inside, it was by means of an outside staircase, which led through a crack in the rocks, and then down a very dark and winding subterranean tunnel. After going down and round long enough to get suspicious, I was about to just TP out of there since, when my path brought me suddenly out into the vast open hangar-like space of the Main Floor. It was actually awe-inspiring to step out into that place, certainly the largest fully-enclosed indoor space I’ve ever encountered in Second Life.

The experience of stumbling into this huge room left the lingering impression that I’d blundered into some vast underground construction project in which a consortium of wealthy and powerful Second Life movers and shakers was building SL’s Next Big Thing. Construction had just begun, though, I reasoned, and was now held up while the Consortium ironed out some last-minute kinks in their no-doubt revolutionary graphics and game-changing software.

And so while construction was delayed, I went on, the bosses must have decided to let the skeleton crew on the site set up a few cheap and harmless entertainments: a dance floor, some poles, a few chairs, a radio. I mean, that seemed like the only reasonable explanation for why there should be a space this big, so obviously designed for some specific purpose: the enormous, featureless Gallery upstairs, two gigantic, monumental ramps (not stairs) of positively Biblical proportions, leading down to a room so huge you could hardly see an avatar at the far end, and in which you wouldn’t be surprised to see the appearance of its own clouds and even micro weather systems, as have been observed in the humongous Booster Assembly Building in NASA’s Cape Canaveral.

Such a structure, I told myself, is a sure sign of a project that’s obviously been planned out in painstaking and meticulous detail. No doubt there are blueprints, artists’ renderings, estimates, budgets, schedules, traffic studies, focus groups, projections, financing. There must be fabric swatches, color schemes, interior designers, landscapers! There are departments! Wiring diagrams! PR flacks, a cafeteria, a hospital, a bowling alley and movies for the workers! A security force with a fleet of SUV’s painted in modern, non-threatening colors, Mars lights affixed to roof utility bars in the modern fashion.


The main floor is rather spacious

I was amazed! I was standing at the center of the very definition of Potential! Ground Zero of a coming Big Bang Explosion of Human Genius, Drive, Creativity and Organization! The very non-existent air around me hummed with a palpable ozone-like tang of excitement!!

I was actually going to be Present at the Creation!! Think what I could tell my grandchildren!!!

Well, actually, as it turns out…

There is no grand design, no timetables or artists’ sketches. There’s no consortium or fabric swatches. None of that stuff.

The sim is run by a few friends who don’t especially need to be named, and they run it as a labor of love, as a hobby and a project, because they enjoy it, and because it’s fun. Should it ever stop being fun, I suppose they’ll just get rid of it. They’re not in it for the money. They’re not in it for the power, or the publicity. They enjoy what they do, and they want other people to enjoy it too. They’re very gracious, funny, and welcoming.

Anther amazing thing about Wicked Dreams of Fallen Angels?

You don’t get a rules card when you enter. In fact, I never saw a rules card at all. As Kara says, they expect their guests to behave, to be civil, to tip early and often, and to have fun.

But the Angels, all 60 or 70 of them, where did they come from? Why did they sign up to be Angels?

Apparently, they find it fun too, and they enjoy it. Which is actually the very best reason to do anything. And, as the one Angel told me, the club serves their needs as much as it serves the guests’

And this isn’t the few friends’ first barbecue. They’ve had 2 or 3 sims like this, and the friends they make on one, they bring along to the next. Friends bring in other friends. The atmosphere and working conditions are so agreeable and laid back that it’s just a nice place to be. People come and hang out, sometimes they have contests or games, often not. They favor blues music, rock, and R&B, and their stream is very good. One friend is lovingly assembling an art gallery to go with his already extant and impressive sculpture garden.


All that being said, it’s strange to me that they’re not absolutely swamped with visitors, and I confess that rather nags at me. More people should know about this place, I told them. A little advertising and word of mouth, and you guys could really be big.

But they like it as it is. They’re really not very interested in being big.

Except for the size, I’d suggest. In that, they couldn’t get much bigger.

Some of you reading this should really come visit, just to see it, if nothing else. I can pretty well promise you that you won’t see many other places like this. It’s just quietly extraordinary.


Wicked Dreams of Fallen Angels http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baraonda/173/187/676


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