Sexual Astrology – A Breakthrough!

We report here with considerable excitement the results of some work being done in our Sexual Alchemy Laboratories, hidden deep beneath Second Life, where our mad monks and adepts have been working on Sexualizing the astrological Zodiac.

What, you might ask, does this even mean? And: who gives a flying fakhion? Why, you might additionally ponder, are these secret lunatic philosophes even turning their wandering attentions away from their usual duty of investigating the occult implications of acts sexual and obscene, to instead investigate the sexual meanings of the Zodiacal Signs?

For Power, of course, and Forbidden Knowledge. For blagzazine hits and to further bind the rich ties of human sexuality to the cosmic energies of the occult universe.

And also, because it’s kind of cool how things all worked out.

Many attempts have been made to link the Zodiacal Signs to sexual acts, but most have been silly and trivial, connecting the Signs to coital positions, or using them to tell one’s sexual fortune. Enlightened practitioners know that astrology has little predictive power when used this way, and actually ignores the true meanings of both the Signs and the very nature of sex and sexuality. For true eroticism covers too vast and varied a landscape of fantasy and experience to be confined to 12 signs. You simply cannot put all types of sex into twelve boxes. You might concentrate on coital positions, but then you omit critical variables like: identity of the partner (lover? Stranger? Drunken babysitter?), or the nature of the sex (private? public? Hypnosis, or fantasy rape?).

Perhaps you try to categorize sex as to scene or situation, and recognize scenarios (like: loving seduction, or strangers on a train; hot delivery boy , or slutty secretary?) But then you’re forced to neglect other erotic dimensions like: clothing and appearance (tight business outfit or whorish skirt? Biker leathers or fresh from the shower?) Or the immediate reactions of the lovers, such as: instant submission or spirited refusal? Shame and humiliation, or slutty pride?  Sensual acceptance or begging for the whip?

No. The mad alchemical monks soon realized that it’s not the specific act that defines the sex. Rather it’s the emotional implications! We do all the things we do in sex not just because they feel good, but because they engage certain erotic emotions!

And what are these emotions? What areas of our psyche do they titillate?

The alchemical monks identified several. Together they make up the sexual dimensions, or the emotional space in which sexual feelings occur. A shorthand version of their list looked like this

  1. Their self (wants, needs, selfishness; pleasure and enhoyment)
  2. Beauty and appearance (the face and body, the clothes, makeup, and hair)
  3. Identity of the lover (partner or stranger? Boss, relative, friend, pizza deliveryman?)
  4. The sexual act performed (oral, anal, manual, coital? Position? Who’s on top?)
  5. Power and control (the ability to command and control the lover)
  6. Force and resistance (are they willing? Take convincing? Do they struggle? Do you?)
  7. Restriction and Pain (are they bound or restricted? Gagged? Do they need a little hurt?)
  8. Personal Status (how do they think of themselves during the sex? Slut? Nice guy? Cheerleader?)
  9. Social Status (what do others think of them & what they’re doing? Disgust? Contempt? Lust?)
  10. Affection (love does matter, and changes the whole thing.)
  11. Circumstance (how’d they get to this point? A rape? A seduction? A driving lesson?)
  12. Danger (a little danger is always erotic. No one knows why, but it’s important.)
  13. Personal idiosyncrasy (fetish, kink, krenchka, You like feet? Smoking? Eyeglasses?)
  14. Physical pleasure (the touch, the glide, the suck and thrust. You know what we mean…)
  15. At which point I took their quills and paper away from them because, I mean, that was enough.

Well, we were astonished! With a little massaging and combining and padding of the list, we had about a dozen different sexual dimensions. And what does the number 12 make an occultist think of?

Right. The Astrological Zodiac: the twelve Signs or Houses.

Could there be a message here for us? Are the gods telling us that these various dimensions might correspond to the traditional meanings of the Astrological Houses or Signs.

Such a description of the Signs and Houses is beyond the scope of this little paper, but information is freely available. And for those Zodiacal ignoranti, we’ll just say that traditionally, the twelve Signs &/or Houses of the Zodiac each has its own character and personality (the Signs) and covers a specific area of life (the Houses). These characters and areas can be used to figure out which sexual dimension corresponds to which Sign/House, and when you do the math, you get a pretty neat little table that looks like this.


Arranged in this way, the dimensions naturally arrange themselves into 3 Categories: People, Power, and Public. How slick is that?!

Table I

{Note: “Domains” should read Sexual Dimension,” and the values for Capricorn and Aquarius were inadvertently switched. Capricorn rules Public Status/Groups, and Aquarius rules Situation. But until I can remember how I turned an Excel table into a Picture, the errors will remain. “Trad Meaning” is a brief description of the traditional  meaning of the corresponding astrological house

A few quick comments:

  • Each of these dimensions comes in two flavors: Active (the doer) and Passive (the done-to). “Traditionally,” my head mad-monk ad-libbed. “Males were automatically assigned the Active role and females the Passive. But that no longer holds, and Active or Passive maybe be chosen, or pre-determined by chance or agreement.”
  • This Table of Correspondences is different from all others in that it focuses on mood and feeling rather than specific sexual acts. It describes the emotional states that drive our sexual adventures, recognizing that the way an act is performed is more important than the nature of the act itself.
  • The Table is also different in that probably all people will connect with every dimension at one time or another. No one is all one thing or another. It’s useful, therefore, for detecting one’s current mood or desire.
  • The Table invites adepts to examine their current desires simple use of of magical cosmic psychic means (i.e. some random act. Playing cards from Ace to Queen is one method: a random number generator[i] is another). Three dimensions are usually sufficient to give a pretty good description of the sexual mood the person’s in. The specific act or scenario can then be generated using one’s own imagination.
  • Any sexual act will almost certainly involve several of these dimensions. Three seems to be about average.

So what does this mean? Well, aside from the occult uses of these Correspondences, which maybe we’ll discuss another time, it gives us some insight into why we like what we like.

For instance, if you’re into D/s as a Dominant, you’re probably tapping into Leo, Scorpio, and maybe Pisces, all as an Active. A sub would be into a similar configuration, but as a Passive.

If you like gang-bangs, you’re invoking Capricorn’s sociality, Gemini’s concern for partners, and maybe Leo if you like being in charge, or Virgo or Scorpio if you favor a more rape-y experience.

A more complete description of the meanings of the Sexual Dimensions is given in List A:

List A. The Astrological Sexual Dimensions

I: People

1.       Aries: the Self – Has to do with our identity and attitude, our deepest motives. Erotically Aries expressed itself in the Ram, through acts of will or sexual aggression. such as receiving oral sex, or body worship. Aries is the emerging adult, still with many childish traits like selfishness and impatience. The sexual act of masturbation is sacred to Aries. The mood is selfishness and egotism. Active: as stated. Passive: Services the Active. The mood here is the pleasure of being used for another’s pleasure.

2.       Taurus: Appearance & Adornment – has to do with general appearance and looks, style, clothes and outfits, makeup, jewelry, and decoration of the lovers and of the scene where they love. Taurus is wealth and luxury, the bull in the fresh spring Pasteur. the lush pleasures of oral sex are sacred to Taurus. Games involving money, gifts, and favors bought and sold also belong here. Active: Refers to the user’s own appearance, etc. Passive, to the lover’s. The mood here is lavish and decadent; over the top.

3.       Gemini:  Others –  concerns one’s lovers, partners, friends and witnesses, their variety and identity, and the relationship between them. Invoke Gemini is you feel like switching or swinging or finding someone new. Gemini also concerns all forms of sexual communication, including pick-up lines, pillow talk, writings, and media such as film and video. The sexual act of switching is sacred to Gemini, or dirty talk, and so is the act of intimate conversation known as 69. The mood is intellectual and cool. In the Active role, Gemini suggests a change in partner or a new type of communication. In the Passive role, the same, but the change is made at the Active’s request. Gemini enjoys watching their lovers with someone else.

4.     Cancer: Acts–  Cancer is traditionally the most sexual house, and to Cancer is give the very nature of the sexual act, usually limited to acts of penetration such as oral, coital, anal. Deep things and revelations are also sacred and much favored by the Crab: secrets and confessions, admissions, sometimes even imaginary; gender identity issues, matters of deep intimacy. Gambling and sexual divination are also beloved by Cancer, as well as hypnosis, drugs, and those things that open the roads to within. Remember, Cancer’s planet is the Moon. Anal sex or pleasuring is the specific act that Cancer rules, and the mood is deep intimacy and honesty. Active bestows these qualities on the user, as well as the ability to choose the specific sexual act. The Passive user is party to these acts.

II. Power

5.       Leo: Conquest & Control – The “King” of the zodiac rules issues of Control, Dominance and submission, slavery and service. Leo differs from Aries in that Leo’s demands are typically grander and more theatrical than the Ram’s, and drama in the theatrical sense is Leo’s forte. The Lion’s generosity of spirit is shown in his fondness for Parties, feasts, orgies, and celebrations. Leo is also partial to celebrating and showing off his lovers. The domineering act of doggy sex is sacred to Leo, as is BDSM minus the torture and sadism, and all forms of display. The leonine mood is opulence, generosity, and grandeur. Active Leo makes one a sexual king, Passive, his servant.

6.       Virgo: Force–  Reluctance and resistance, aggression, exploitation, comprise the matters sacred to the Virgin. Rape is here, and abduction, but also seduction and willing acquiescence, and, paradoxically, acts of female sexual aggression. Virgo is the woman’s symbol just as Leo is the men’s, and she is steeped in service. The act is Woman On Top, the mood is paradoxically modesty or hidden sluttiness. Active: the user decides the amount of resistance. Passive, the user plays to the Active’s request.

7.       Libra: Personal Status – games that play with one’s sense of worth and guilt, or pride and shame, are controlled by the Balances; things that demean or exalt the lover and affect his or her sense of value. The act of Humiliation is here, the public exposure of private shames. Yet Missionary is the Libran’s sacred position, celebrating neutrality and equality. The mood is manipulative, almost passive aggressive. The Active user must arrange their own denigration or shame. The Passive serves the Active’s requests.

8.       Scorpio: Limitation & Suffering –  submission,  physical restraint, gags, blindfolds, arm binders, masks and hoods, tight clothing, all speak to the Scorpion’s descent into darkness. The zodiac’s Sign of death and decay, but also of resurrection and rebirth, the symbolism here is intense. Scorpio can suffer, and here we find acts of sadism and masochism.Her ordeal expresses the power of surrender and sacrifice, the pleasure of being used for another’s pleasure. But Scorpio is also the Sign of Orgasm, which is sacred to her, as are all things dark and taboo. Her dark passions are often expressed in acts of Rape and Ravishment, whether she’s bound or not. The mood is dark, wild, and passionate, seasoned with pain and punishment. Active finds the user binding or subjecting their partner. Passive, they are bound.

III. Public

9.       Sagittarius: Affection–  love, caring and regard for the partner are sacred to the Archer. Almost the reverse of Aries’ selfishness, foreplay and after-care are much beloved by Sagittarius, and the loving guidance into new areas of experience. Sagittarius is traditionally the beneficent teacher and guide, and his sacred act is elaborate acts of oral and manual sex, frottage (groping and massage), as well as the use of toys and devices to increase his partner’s pleasure. The mood here is expansive and giving. Active: The Archer’s magnanimous nature is generously expressed. Passive, the lover receives his attentions.

10.  Capricorn:  Social Status— The social ramifications of all this sex are the purview of the Goat. Sexual deeds not only affect the personal feelings of pride and shame overseen by Libra, but our sense of status in the eyes of others as well, and this is Capricorn territory. Acts of public denigration &/or exaltation are sacred to him: groups sex, gang-bangs, voyeurism and exhibitionism, public cuckoldry and the excesses of hungry cougars excite him. Acts of redemptive punishment engage the Goat as well, and he loves the stocks, the whipping post, the spanking bench. Sacred to him is the position of standing lovers, with the woman’s option of facing her partner or away  expressing the duality of denigration and redemption. The Capricornian mood is serious and judgmental but not without a certain perverse joy.  Actively, the Goat demands acts of denigration and humiliation, public punishment, and the like. Passively, the partner must impose there punishents and humiliations..

11.   Aquarius: Situation— Sex doesn’t begin with sex. The situation, circumstances, the story of how the lovers got to this point provides much of the context and meaning for the sex, and that is is the purview of Aquarius. This makes the Water Bearer an essential but often neglected party to any act of love. Is this a quickie in the street? A king despoiling a peasant? An abducted tease? Horny neighbors? The place and conditions where the sex occurs are  the Water Bearer’s realm, which really makes him essential to all acts of love. Aquarius loves journeys and stories. The Situation is his sacred act, no matter it what it may be, and this the lovers must always know. Aquarius’s mood is imaginative and complex (the more detailed, the better), and he is the movie Director of all the Dimensions, and whether Active or Passive, must be ready to provide a brief accounting of his or her character, their history, and how they came to be here at this time, engaged in this act.

12.   Pisces: Danger/Consequence— There is hazard and danger in sex: the dangers of falling in love, to the hazards of being discovered and having a reputation ruined, to being physically hurt by an overzealous lover.  All these are in Pisces’ domain, and the fish are ubiquitous, always present in every sexual encounter except the most bland and vanilla Look into your heart and you will always find some dangerous edge cutting through the BS and laying real feelings bare.

But in addition, Pisces is the traditional end of the Zodiac, connoting death and ending, and whatever comes after. Symbolically, the fish hang midway in very deep waters. What’s above them is known. What lies deeper is unknown, in sex as well as in life.

Sacred to the fishes is the position of prone sex, the Passive face down, the Active on top. Again, there is symbolism, as the Active’s love on top drives his partner to deeper depths of intimacy and understanding. The mood of Pisces is deep and dangerous, love in the waters.


[i] The Mystical Pyramasphere, is a random number generator designed for use with this system. It, along with full instructions, is available free from the Sexual Alchemy Group. Just IM me, Aiden Swain, in-world.


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