Welcome to HUMM magazine

Welcome to HUMM – The Journal of Second Life Love and Sex.

HUMM is the magazine that deals with those subjects that most concern us all in the virtual world —  Relationships, Love, and Sex. At HUMM we take these things seriously. We know our  avatars are pixels and the things we do no more than cartoons, but we believe the feelings and emotions we take from Second Life are real. Not the same as REAL LIFE, but REAL  just the same.  At HUMM Magazine, our aim is to give people and avatars the ability, understanding, and opportunity to maximize their sexual and affectional Second Life experiences, no matter what they may be. If it has to do with love, sex, and relationships, HUMM will cover it. This is what we’re all about.

Note that HUMM is NOT just another Second Life beef- and cheesecake mag. We’re NOT going to be a collection of fashion-spread photos and insipid filler articles. We focus on issues of sex and love —  what it is, what it means, how it works, why it happens, where you find it, how you do it. how it goes wrong. We examine the emotions involved, the psychology, the techniques and trends, as well as providing nuts-and-bolts how-to information and reviews of Second Life products relevant to our cause. We’re starting small, but our goal is nothing less than to become the complete and indispensible Handbook, Guide, Instruction Manual, and Journal of Record regarding the adult side of Second Life.

And ALL THIS without the hassle and limitations of the usual SL magazine format. No need to sign up for anything or lay out any L$’s. No waiting for an issue to come out, or for deliveries, or for low-content pages to rez. HUMM is a WEBSITE, all content accessible at any time, any place, and absolutely free to all.

Right now in our current version you can read a review of the most popular sex beds and how they differ in quality and value in our SEX BED REVIEW. There’s an examination of what cyber love is in terms of the real world in Part I of LOVE & SEX IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD. There’s sizzling SL-themed erotic fiction concerning a strange sexual encounter with an alt in ILLANA: A SECOND LIFE LOVE STORY. In our INTERVIEW WITH A GENDER-SWITCHER, we talk to a RL man who presents as an SL woman and find  out why he does it (you’d be surprised), and get his advice on how to keep from getting fooled yourself. You can read true stories of the bizarre things people do to get their needs met in our regular occurring TALES FROM THE FRONT. And you can pick up some good cautionary information in HOW TO BE A SL TERRIBLE LOVER. And that’s just a start.

HUMM is constandly updating, and currently looking to increase staff — writers, web-designers, content creators, graphic designers…. If you’re interested, send an IM or NC to Aiden Swain in Second Life. Lets explore together…


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  1. Humm Magazine is the journal of Love and Sex in Second Life and other virtual worlds: A Journal of Cybersexuality in all its aspects. We report, analyze, examine, and interpret the phenomenon of virtual relationships, review products and techniques, and present art and fiction that explores this new world of human interaction.
    Editor & publisher: Aiden Swain.
    E-mail us at: HUMM.Magazine@g.mail.com
    In-world contact: Aiden Swain

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